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Afghan Security forces help at Kabul airport.

Hundreds of Afghan Security forces have assisted in providing security at Kabul airport, where there are chaotic evacuation operations, even as Afghanistan’s military and the government have collapsed, said Pentagon Official. More US troops are expected. In a news conference, Army Major General William Taylor and the U.S. military’s Joint Staff said that 4,000 US troops will be deployed at the airport by the end of today- there will be 1,000 more soldiers- and the intention is to have one airplane taking off per hour. About 6,000 U. S. troops are expected to land at the airports in the coming days, as reported by Pentagon Officials.

“We have no hostile interactions, attack, or threat by the Taliban,” William said. The U.S. and Western allies have planned to evacuate civilians and diplomats at the airport of Kabul, the only way to enter and leave the country for a considerable number of people. On Monday, the situation turned into a disorder when the airfield was full of Afghans dying to flee the Taliban, and the flights could not take off.

William said about 600 officials of Afghan national security forces were present helping with security. Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby was asked if the Afghan Security officials will also be evacuated from Afghanistan, he said it would be their decision. “It would be up to the individuals to decide if they wanted to apply for a visa and flee the country,” Kirby said.

U. S. Military has been having a dialogue with Taliban commanders outside the airport. “There have been discussions, communication between them and us,” Kirby added. U.S. military leaders have declared 5,000 and 10,000 US citizens are assumed to be in the Kabul region. Many of Afghanistan’s military fell apart as the Taliban swept through the territory, getting at the peak with the seizure of Kabul and fleeing of President Ashraf Ghani from the state.

Most sections of the Afghan security forces, recruited by U. S. and Western allies for almost 20 years, collapsed swiftly due to a rapid advance by Taliban forces. The Taliban was overthrown as Afghan leaders in 2001 by a U.S. invasion. They now want to regain control over the country as the United States withdrew its forces to terminate America’s most prolonged war.

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