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American-Haitian singer Mickael Marabou vows to show appreciation to Africa.

Mickael Marabou declares her commitment to extending philanthropy to Africa. She said that she is all ready to impact the lives of Africans, specifically in Nigeria and Ghana, with her charity work. Marabou has worked with many nonprofit organizations raising finances for food, schools staffs, and other necessities of less privileged people all over Haiti since she started her career. She said she anticipates doing the same in Africa. “I am so delighted to assist Nigerians and Ghanaians and create a foundation for future charitable activities,” she said.

Talking affectionately about Africa, Marabou said her main aim for traveling to Africa is simply to connect with the people. “I enjoy interacting with them, sharing the lovely culture of the continent, and participating in the activities that draw me closer to Africans,” she added. She also described how she likes African artists. “Many Haitians have an African origin, and some of us long to connect with our motherland.”

Brooklyn-born Haitian said her music brings her closer to Africa. When she listens to afrobeat sounds, she feels a close kinship with African musicians. “I am convinced music can be used to bridge the gap between the people of Haiti and Africa.”

Mickael Marabou was nominated for the AEAUSA best new artist of 2020

Marabou was nominated last year for the best new artist at African Entertainment Awards (USA) with her then hit song “Mamma” featuring BM, aka “The King of Afrobeat Dance.” Marabou has established herself as among the premiere independent Caribbean music artists and have emerged in the past three years. In 2019 she went viral with her hit “FEVER.” The song took over the Caribbean and the diaspora with almost 20,000 views across all platforms.

Her passion for music career has earned her international attention and also collaborations. She collaborated with a Nigerian Superstar, Skales, Uganda’s treasure The Ghetto Kids, and started an international dance that went viral on Instagram and TikTok. Marabou closed out last year’s summer with “Mamma” teaming up with BM. BM, a Congolese, had dominated the UK charts, then he collaborated with Marabou and started to trend.

African Entertainment Awards, USA (AEAUSA) has been honoring Africans success since 2015. The event is held every year in New Jersey, and it represents more than thirty awards in the two-day ceremony. It is the only award-giving body that honors practitioners in all domains, including entrepreneurship, entertainment, and community leadership.

Marabou felt humbled and honored by being nominated for the awards. “I love both my countries Haiti and the United States, but we are all Africans first, and to be honored by this wonderful body that uplifts and celebrates talented artists from the diaspora is an amazing blessing,” she said.

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