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Artificial Intelligence (A.I.): The Emerging Super Power

Alexa, Siri, robots, drones, biometrics, chatbots, spam filters, car-sensors- all running like human beings, though, independent of human interference, sound like an exciting plotline of some latest Hollywood blockbuster. Ever wondered- How does Siri function? How does a computer program is designed to simulate conversation with human users? What are spam emails and spam calls? Etc. Acknowledging to have enveloped in the era of such emerging advancements, it is now imperious to understand the mysterious dynamics behind. The latest technologies- natural language generation, speech recognition, virtual agents, biometric, etc., are a few latest technological tools to have impacted our daily lives in 2021. Leaving us into the whirlpool of absolute awe- here is the answer- artificial intelligence, often named AI as an acronym, is the process of recreating human intelligence in machines. Because we now live in an age reigned by AI, all must learn its robust dimensions, affecting our daily lives.

Artificial intelligence is a type of computer science that replicates human intelligence with the help of computers. Thus, intelligence is illustrated through machines, unlike the natural intelligence demonstrated by the human/animal mind. With zero inclination towards emotions, AI follows cognitive functions that the human mind associates with learning and problem-solving. The intelligence programmed into computers, through flowcharts, algorithms, etc., undergoes education, deep learning, and other subsets, which are otherwise humanly tasks. Referring to the computer science category that mimics human intelligence functions, thus, names it artificial.

AI Sponsored Tools

We live in a world wrapped in AI-based tools, and it is interesting to appreciate the hidden mechanics. With the arrival of intelligent assistants- Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, etc., artificial intelligence has paved its way towards new heights. Automatic translational apps that translate speech into one specific language, chatbots based on codes interact with humans sending messages grounded on the ‘if this, then that’ type of programming. Intelligent assistants based on speech recognition recognize users’ demands and then follow directions to respond accordingly. Furthermore, disease mapping and prediction is yet another benefit that AI has offered. Epidemiologists are working tirelessly to comprehend how diseases spread and make the study easier with the help of AI. Based on AI’s faster progress on data analysis and prediction, the process of disease mapping and prediction has been simplified. Besides, spam filters are another essential tool sponsored by AI, and wherein spam filters send spam emails to a separate folder, so they don’t litter users’ inboxes with useless messages. Also used in phones, spam filters filter scammers, and other spam phone calls. They are plausibly based on the previous knowledge of spam emails or phone calls obtained from a data perspective, AI filterers unwanted trash.

Furthermore, self-driving cars, self-driving cars, though fully self-driving vehicles, are currently unavailable as of now. However, companies like Google and Uber are competing to be the first on the list. Wanting to develop a consumer-ready self-driving car, built on sensors that would alarm the user to close objects, brake automatically, and parallel park themselves, AI is out there ruling the roost. The US start-ups ranging from Osari, Kindred, and Vicarious have already been using AI to expand globally. AI has hence, become a platform to facilitate every big company and organization to improve its customer experience and simultaneously modernize its business.

The History of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, founded in 1955, was considered an offshoot of an academic discipline. With the passage of time undergoing a roller coaster ride full of failures and success, followed by innovative measures, it took a new shape. After AlphaGo claimed to have defeated a professional Go player in 2015, artificial intelligence eventually earned the limelight globally. The historical graph of AI elucidates how the research on AI has been divided into sub-fields. These sub-fields are based on technical considerations, such as particular goals – robotics/machine/artificial learning.

The term artificial intelligence was officially coined in 1956 at a conference. The discussion in the conference led to yet another interdisciplinary information tech natural language named Generationology. Nevertheless, with the advent of the internet, technology further progressed exponentially. Amazingly, artificial intelligence technology was a stand-alone technology back then- almost thirty years ago. However, now the applications based on AI are globally widespread in every sphere of life. As per the Gartner report, the adoption of artificial intelligence has risen tremendously from 4% to 15% during 2018-2019.

Understanding the Clash between Modernity and Tradition

Living in the times of massive urbanization- the one marked by AI, the clash between the diametrical discourses; modernity and tradition comes to the forefront. Modernity, having originated from the philosophy of modernism, is now one of the most googled words. Modernism is the movement that came into being post-world-wars (1914-1945.) Pre-world-wars, there was a fixed idea of happiness, God, religion, humankind, etc., such that each of these institutions propounded absolute subservience, with zero tolerance to any deviation. However, the world-wars marked with: unending carnage, bloodshed, trauma, brutality, etc., destabilized the core of hegemony. Triggering questions: why did God do this to me? Why did I lose my best friend to the war? What will they fetch from this bloodshed? When will this come to an end? Who am I? etc., the world looked in search of a philosophy to cater to the complex human setup. After that, giving rise to modernism as a solving philosophy, the world witnessed another curative philosophy. Modernity emanating from modernism referred to as something that questioned the set hierarchy and thus fomented newness and freshness. Voicing AI as the superpower seems to have appeased the growing demand for technological advancement.

 However, in the garb of newness, people happened to disconnect themselves from tradition. Tradition, referred to as the transmission of customs/beliefs from one generation to another, seemed to have lost momentum for its nature of vocal delivery. Besides, the sudden shift to capitalism demanding humungous labor erupted as one challenge that remonstrated the traditional approach. For, e.g., as per the tradition, women were supposed to confine themselves within the four walls and manage the household chores; however, the current globalized world calls out for labor irrespective of gender, religion, caste, creed, sex, etc. Comprehensively, the conflicting nature of modernity and tradition surfaces.

While living in the current times, marked with vast industrialization, the question of maintaining the equilibrium between the two antipodal zones, modernity, and tradition becomes essential. Evidently, understanding the in-betweenness of the string stretching from modernity to tradition is the need of an hour. Rather than boycotting the tradition fully and embracing modernity to its fullest, one needs to understand the essence of every tradition in a modern context. For as long as tradition facilitates growth and humanity, it should be celebrated. Therefore, comprehending the contours of modernity and tradition in the globalized world through practical implications is a must. Comprehensively, chiseling the contours of AI that aims at promoting humanity through various tools- health care, language translation, image recognition, smart assistants, etc., the world has now entered yet another era of superpower blend with humanity.

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