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At least three people killed in anti-Taliban protests.

Hundreds of people marched in the streets of Jalalabad, the Afghan city. At least three people were killed and others injured in the protests. A former police officer and two witnesses said that Taliban soldiers started firing when local people tried to fix Afghanistan’s flag at a courtyard in the city.

Taliban had promised their rule would be peaceful, but they did not keep their word. After taking control, the Taliban said they would not take revenge against old rivals and would ensure the rights of women are respected.

As people tried to flee the country, armed members of the Taliban blocked them, including those with visas. “It’s a total disaster. The Taliban were shooting into the air, pushing them, and beating them with guns,” said one person who was trying to get into the airport compound. A Taliban leader said their soldiers shot into the air to scatter the congregation outside Kabul airport, and they did not mean to harm anyone.

Not a “democracy” but a “Sharia law.”

Senior Taliban commander said the new government would not be a democracy; it may be like a governing council with Haibatuklah Akhundzada the head. Waheedullah told Reuters that Afghanistan would be “Sharia law,” not a democracy.

Ghani, who fled to UAE on Sunday, as Taliban swept into Kabul, said he had adhered to the suggestions of his fellow government leaders. He denied the accusations that he took a huge amount of funds with him. “If I had stayed in the country, I would be witnessing bloodshed in Kabul,” Ghani claimed in a video going viral on Facebook.

Nearly 5,000 diplomats and civilians have been evacuated from Kabul in the past one day, and the army flights will continue evacuating people, a Western official reported to Reuters. A member of the Afghan family said after they landed in Germany, “everybody wants out. It is becoming worse every day. We rescued ourselves, but we couldn’t save our families.”

The United Nations reported that it had started to shift up to 100 international officials temporarily to Kazakhstan but insisted it is dedicated to offering aid to the people of Afghan in their times of need. The U. N. has approximately 300 international officials and 3,000 local officials in Afghanistan. Britain evacuated 700 people on Tuesday, while Germany evacuated 500.

The Taliban have said they will inflict their law less strictly than during their previous rule. A group’s leader suggested that the Taliban officials would be less isolated than before. “Slowly, gradually, our leaders will be seen by people,” he said.

Biden has been facing criticism.

United States President Joe Biden has been facing criticism about the withdrawal which made Afghanistan surrender to the Taliban. He responded to the criticism claiming that he had to choose between letting the U.S. forces fight continuously or carry on with the withdrawal deal of the former president, Donald Trump.

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