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Disentangling the Web: COVID-Clang on Mental Health and Resolutions

Traumatic Second Wave; Negotiations and Solutions.

Fear of falling sick, the trauma of unemployment, grief over stress, loss of loved ones; are a few concerns in the wake of COVID-19 that has appalled the present lifestyle. Depression-led suicide attempts have seemingly become an alarming concern as the pandemic outgrows unprecedently. The research report, “27.8 percent of U.S. adults had depression symptoms as of mid-April, compared to 8.5 percent before the COVID-19 pandemic”, diverts the attention to the question of the hour- young minds and upsurge in depression rate?. Amidst the growing pangs of COVID-19, the extended lockdown has been taking a severe toll on mental health. Majorly affecting the young minds who cannot confine themselves within the four walls, they are subjected to a mental disorder- depression. Young minds with an avid enthusiasm and an upsurge in energy, when cocooned abruptly, are subjected to changed behavior. Rebecca Dolgin, in an online article, states, “We’ve already seen a steady rise in deaths by suicide over the past two decades and a new report by ‘The Well Being Trust’ released last month found that 75,000 additional people could die from what they called “deaths of despair,” because of Covid-19. Subsequently, the infiltration of one’s behavior with persistent anxiety, sadness, loss, or sudden anger, the second wave of Corona, seems to be ringing a clarion call.

           After multiple observations and negotiations, it is noticed that the only curator to this problem is- the environmental Nature. Hooking on ‘transcendentalism,’ an early-nineteenth-century American movement, a philosophy with a core kernel- environmental Nature being the sanctum sanctorum is the only means of refuge in times of crisis, offers therapeutic tendencies. The tendencies that ease emotional fatigue, hormonal disorder, mood shift to a loss of interest or a loss of feeling of pleasure. Viewing the incredible mother nature, I often pondered, “Is it even possible for such a majestic piece of beauty to exist for real?” or “Can nature have a profound impact over the material world?” etc. Till I found an answer in Ralph Waldon Emerson’s quote, “At night I went out into the dark and saw a glimmering star and heard a frog, and Nature seemed to say, Well do not these suffice? Here is a new scene, a new experience. Ponder it, Emerson, and not like the foolish world, hanker after thunders and multitudes and vast landscapes, the sea or Niagara”. The fresh waterfall, undisturbed meadow, glassy surface of a lake, pristine mountain, green-lush-trees describing a picturesque view, is apparently, a healing process.

Transcendentalism, grounded on ‘self-reliance,’ ‘spiritualism over materialism,’ ‘human amidst healing nature,’ plausibly caters to the current insanity caused by the pandemic. The present tumultuous mental illness can be aptly combated through the lengthy- forgotten-remedial therapy. Referring to Henry David Thoreau’s semi-autobiographical book named Walden (1854), he discusses the complete renunciation of the material world in want of a simple happy life betwixt mother nature. The isolated two-year stay in a small cottage adjacent to the lake, Walden in Massachusetts, is what he glorifies to be in a civilized society. As he posits, “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover I had not lived.” For civilization to him comes through running streams of water, frozen lake, sky-rocketing hills, blossoming flowers, misty grass, and snow-laden mountains. The current lockdown can be juxtaposed to Thoreau’s lockdown in the lap of mother nature, the COVID-led-lockdown that will then liberate one’s confined spirit and give wings to fly beyond boundaries.

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