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Haitian ‘doctor’ with Florida connections accused of a key role in president Moise’s assassination.

A doctor based in Florida, Christian Emmanuel Sanon, 63, is the third person with U. S. connections to be arrested over the murder of president Jovenel Moise. He has been arrested as the main suspect in the crime, and the national police head stated in a news agency that he believed Emmanuel was planning to vie for president. Up to date, about two dozen suspects have been arrested, but on Sunday, Haitian leaders declared the doctor the key suspect in the attack.

Emmanuel’s name was disclosed by some of the people who were arrested as suspects in the murder, Leon Charles said. One of the suspects mentioned his name after being captured. The National Police arrested him as part of their investigation into the leadership of the group of 26 Colombians and two Americans living in Haiti suspected to have participated in the attack. “Sanon made contact with two other suspects; they know who they are and are identified as intellectual organizers of the assassination of the head of state,” Charles said.

Among other arrested suspects are James Solages, 35, and Joseph G. Vincent, 55, Haitian Americans residing from South Florida. They were detained after turning themselves in shortly after the murder. During interrogation, the two suspects told Haitian leaders that their aim was not to kill the president but to fulfill a 2019 arrest warrant provided by a judge and take Moise to the presidential palace. There they would inaugurate Sanon, as the head of Haiti, a source who talked with the two men told a Miami Herald.

Charles had mentioned Sanon in an interview with Herald, although he did reveal the name. He said the alleged killers, including the two Haitian Americans, confirmed that they worked with an organization based in the U. S. and Colombia, which also worked with a high-profile doctor in Haiti. The organization is CTU Security, located in Miami, and is registered in Florida as the Counter Terrorist Unit Federal Academy LLC. “I would conclude that the Haitian ‘doctor’ trained CTU and CTU trained the Colombians.

Sanon’s detainment happens after Haitian Police, with the Colombian law enforcement, try to investigate the cause of Moise’s death. Questions arise concerning Sanon’s involvement in the case. How could he be behind such an expensive plot, and he once filed for bankruptcy. Some of the arrested said they were compensated $3,000 per month and have lived in the country since January.

Captured suspects mentioned Emmanuel Sanon and said they were recruited to provide him with security.

Questions have been raised about the president’s security team and how the attackers entered his private home, passing the guard gate and two dogs. Police sources said that four members of the presidential security, including the leader of the General Security Unit of the National Palace, Dimitri Heard, have been declined their leadership roles and are expected to report every day to internal affairs.

Sanon is said to have landed in Haiti in June in a private plane with political interests and trained the alleged killers to give him security as the new head of state. Other 22 people arrived in Haiti and joined the initial group. Among the things police came across at Sanon’s residence after his arrest was a hidden spot of arms and ammunition, including six rifles, 9mm guns, 20 cartridges of bullets, and four Dominican Republic license plates, Charles reported. Sanon has been staying in Florida on and off for over two decades. Records show that he owns several companies registered in the state, but most of them are non-functional. The businesses included medical services, an energy company, or real estate.

While he calls himself a doctor, public records show no medical license in Florida, where he is said to have filed a federal bankruptcy case in Tampa Bay eight years ago. He is recorded in court as a doctor who works both in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Sanon referred himself in the bankruptcy file as a church pastor at Evangelical Tabernacle, head of a non-government organization named Organization Rome Haiti, and director of Radio-Tele Vasco- all located in Tabarre, Haiti.

Sanon owned a home in Brando, near Tampa, which was taken as a foreclosure. According to the bankruptcy report, he earned $60,000 and had loans adding up to over $400,000. Sanon changed his address from Brandon to Hollywood, then to Boynton Beach.

A video trending on YouTube described Sanon as among the officials needed to represent the people of Haiti and that more than 200 companies back him to promote the industrial development and social-economic revival of Haiti. According to the video, he was born in Jacmel in 1956 and studied biology in New York before shifting to the Dominican Republic.

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