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One Direction at eleven years- a journey with rumors and fights.

One Direction was formed eleven years ago on The X Factor by Simon Cowell. Members are; Louis Tomlinson, 27, Harry Styles, 27, Liam Payne, 27, Zayn Malik, 28, and Niall Horan, 29. The five were put together in the television music competition with little experience or idea of what would follow, and they did not know each other. Liam would recall later they had met earlier at Bootcamp, and they had shared a room with Niall. “We were competing then, and we had in minds we are against each other. It was strange how we were put together and didn’t know each other. It was such a leap of faith.”

The risk was worth it- they sold over a 70million records globally, turning out to be among the best-selling boybands, with a total net worth of over 280million euros today. They went on and became the most famous band worldwide. The band and fans were emotionally affected in 2016 when Zayn said he was leaving the group, declaring he wanted to be a “normal 22-year-old” away from the public eye. However, he immediately went back to his own performance.

The other members confirmed they would break five months later and have not rejoined up to date. Rumors spread that the band split, and they publicly admitted. Harry and Louis were renting a house together in North London worth 3million euros by the time they led in September 2011 with “What Makes You Beautiful.” But after a few months, they had purportedly stopped talking and parted due to a mysterious fight.

The rumors of the two having a romance affected their friendship, and they have never recovered since then. A source told The Sun then that no one knows what exactly caused their break-up as they did not even tell the other members everything that happened. Feelings were evidently so much that the two didn’t want to travel together. Their managers had to find a solution to make the last three albums without the boys being in the studio- Louis dismissed this rumor. Niall also denied the claim and asked fans not to believe the reports.

Niall said in a tweet that they were brothers and they would stand strong as a band. Their fellow member, Zayn, disclosed that the ‘Larry Stylinson’ fan invention, which portrayed the two were in love, had caused the boys to split up. Trying to make fans understand the outcome of their rumors, Zayn told The Fader that it was not funny, and it remains hard for the pair. “They won’t hug each other naturally because they are aware of the comments spreading, which is not even true.”

After Zayn left, the other members of the band continued for some months before splitting.

Liam Payne was relieved when the band split up.

Liam recently admitted that he felt relieved when the band finally ended. “The day the band split up, I was like, Thank the Lord,” he told The Diary of a CEO Podcast. He said he expected people to be mad at him for saying that, but he wanted it to end, or it would kill him. He explained how he could drink heavily to see him through the “isolation’ of regular touring and the persuasion of being in the spotlight.

He said the best way to secure their fame was to lock themselves in their rooms. “What’s in the room? A mini-bar. So, at some point, I thought, I’m going to have a party-for-one, and that appeared to happen for many years of my life.” He added: “Then you would reflect on how long you’ve been drinking, and you’re like, ‘Jesus Christ, that a long time.” Liam said it was wild, but it was the only means you could get the frustration out.”

The five members have moved on, and they all have succeeded in their music careers, and some have children. Liam is a father to Bear, 4, with ex-girlfriend Cheryl, and Louis shares son Freddie Reign, 5, with ex-girlfriend Brianna Jungwirth. Zayn’s girlfriend delivered their daughter Kai in September last year. In the meantime, rumors have it that Harry is dating a US actress Olivia Wilde, and Niall is seeing fashion buyer Amelia Woolley.

Last year, in their tenth anniversary, Liam said he had excluded Zayn from any possible reconciliation. He noted that it was on good terms when Zayn left, so he did not feel like it’s a thing. “If he didn’t want to be here, he shouldn’t be here, which is fine.” Simon, who brought the five together, is convinced he can make them reunite.

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