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Trump loses appeal to block Pence from testifying about direct communications

Former US President Donald Trump appears to have lost an appeal to prevent Vice President Mike Pence from testifying about direct communications.

It appears that former President Donald Trump has lost an emergency attempt to block former Vice President Mike Pence from testifying about their direct conversations. This is a significant development in the federal criminal investigation into Trump and others’ actions after the 2020 election, particularly in regards to the events surrounding the January 6th attack on the US Capitol.

The DC Circuit Court of Appeals issued a unanimous decision, refusing to put on hold Pence’s subpoena and overriding Trump’s executive privilege challenge. This paves the way for Pence’s grand jury testimony, which is an unprecedented development in modern presidential history.

It is possible that Trump may try to appeal again or press the issue at the Supreme Court. However, he has given up on several past executive privilege challenges to the special counsel’s investigation after similar rulings from the DC Circuit Court of Appeals.

Pence’s conversations with Trump surrounding the US Capitol riot are of great interest to investigators. Pence has already said he will comply with the subpoena and answer questions before the grand jury about his conversations with Trump from Election Day onward, when Trump and his allies were pressuring Pence to block the congressional certification of the vote.

“They’re not coming after me. They’re coming after you and I’m just sort of in the way”

This quote is often attributed to former US President Donald Trump, who said it during his 2018 speech at a rally in West Virginia. The quote suggests that Trump saw himself as a defender of the American people against perceived attacks from the media, the political establishment, and other entities that he believed were trying to undermine his presidency.

In the context of the rally, Trump was likely trying to rally his base and motivate them to support him in the face of criticism and investigations into his administration. However, the quote can also be interpreted as an attempt to deflect attention away from himself and onto his supporters, framing his presidency as a larger struggle against forces that he portrayed as being opposed to the interests of ordinary Americans.

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