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Who will accompany Jeff Bezos on his Blue Origin rocket?

Jeff Bezos is expected to fly on his own jet as the second, but he will go with three other crew members who are not well known or as wealthy as he is. The crew members are; Mark, his brother, Wally Funk, and an 18-year old Oliver Daemen, whose father bought him a seat on the jet. Oliver will be the youngest person to ever go on space, with Wally Funk being the oldest.

The passengers are not crew in the traditional view- this will be an autonomous spacecraft and so will do the flying by itself, unlike with Richard Branson’s flight, which had pilots, the billionaire, and his fellow passengers.

Here is what you should know about the Blue Origin flight:

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is the famous member of the crew. He is the founder of Amazon and resigned as the chief executive earlier this month. As he is probably well known for his work for Amazon and the Washington Post, Bezos’ dedication to space is not new. He founded Blue Origin in 2000 and has since then been committed to it. Being the first billionaire in space and the first person to go there in a spacecraft made by his own company, his mission was set to be more revolutionary when it was announced.

Mark Bezos

Mark, brother to Jeff, is not better known and as rich as his brother, but he is still well off. Jeff is five years older than Mark, and they also have another sibling, sister Christina. He has established his career volunteering as a firefighter, working as the chief of communications at a charity, and being among the co-founders of Highpost Capital, a private equity company. Mark is also a shareholder at Amazon- this implies that he is a millionaire.

Wally Funk

By far, Wally Funk is the most qualified of her crew. The 82-year old will become the oldest person in space after the flight’s completion. John Glenn currently holds the record after completing the flight at the age of 77. Among other accomplishments, Ms. Funk was among the Mercury13, and she completed the same training program as the early Nasa astronauts and almost went to space. She has as well worked in aviation. Like Mark Bezos, Ms. Funk does not seem to have paid for her ticket. Jeff Benzos invited her.

Oliver Daemen

Oliver is the latest and least famous member of the crew. He was not initially meant to join the flight- a seat became vacant when the outstanding leader of the open auction declared to be very busy to go on the flight. His father had been the second winner, and so the ticket was passed on to him, and he passed it on to the son.

Not much is known about Oliver, a student who will join the Netherlands’ University of Utrecht later this year after taking a break of one year to learn how to fly. His father is known to have paid for his seat, but the exact cost is not yet revealed. It’s likely to be millions as the winner of the auction paid $28 million. Oliver becomes the first paying customer for Blue Origin and among the first-ever individuals to pay for a ticket to go into space.

He is also the youngest person to go into space. He defeats the then 25-year-old Gherman Titov, who joined the Soviet Union’s Vostok 2 mission in the 1960s. A video shared by Jeff Bozos before the launch showed more about Oliver’s thoughts. He said it was “cool” to be sharing the flight with Wally Funk and that he felt a responsibility because he is the youngest person in space.

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